Trauma Therapy

What is Trauma?

Trauma Therapy BrusselsTrauma is the loss of connection to ourselves, to our body, to our relatives or to the people close to us. The loss of connection to our surrounding and to the world and maybe to life. This loss of connection happens in the organism when something as an event is too much, too severe and too fast. It is a very subjective experience. If there is an overwhelming or threatening situation and we are not able to fight or flee, we freeze. When trauma happens there is a fragmentation, a separation from the whole, we can be traumatised on different levels as there are different sorts of trauma. Trauma Therapy may help us to reconnect with the present moment and bring relief.

About Trauma Therapy

Trauma Therapy BrusselsIn Trauma Therapy we try to reconnect instead of compensate, our job is to work slowly, step by step in order not to overwhelm the system again. We try to expand resilience and take authority back into presence to regain our natural resilience, we take the authority back from the traumatic event. 
Natural resilience is the elasticity to be able to cope with what life requires, with what life is bringing us.
Traumatised people very often end up into similar situations, they access the same information again and again because there is a part of the organism wanting to get rid of the tension and to finalise the frozen state to rebound from it. We support the finalisation of the movement and the reconnection or the first steps for the reconnection to take place.
During the process we respect the distance that it is required as much as the connection. This is important for containment, because this containment means that the client feels as safe as possible.

Price per individual session: €125

All sessions in Brussels are facilitated by Cecilia Altieri. During her therapy sessions she combines the use of Presence as a resource, the genogram (Family tree), Client-Centered Therapy, Trauma Therapy, body awareness and Systemic Family Constellations.
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