Your hugs make me happy!

“I came across Cecilia’s website and the content intrigued me. At that time, I had no clue about the Systemic approach and my intuition guided me to experiment. Sometimes (if not all the times!) is great to hear our guts.

Right away we notice her strong integrity in her approach and a deep respect of each individual’s choice, beliefs, backgrounds. Her professionalism to conduct the therapeutic sessions, individual and in group, allowed me to dive into my inner development with safety and clarity. Moreover, I could testify strong transformations in some participants and I created incredible bonds with others.

At some point in my life I decided to experiment different therapeutic approaches. She never judged me and always had the doors open so I could come back anytime.

I am now in my second year of training with her and it’s strongly contributing to empower my leadership career.

Cecilia helps us to build the better version of ourselves , which allows us to nourish healthy relationships with our family, work mates and with ourselves.

We appreciate Life at its finest. Gratidão querida Cecília!”

“Before, family constellations always seemed mysterious, powerful … almost sacred. The way Cecilia teaches constellations is masterful. She is extremely well organised and teaches with clarity, curiosity and empathy. Module by module Cecilia opened up the world of systemic thinking and shared its secrets. She balances theory and practice in harmony and allows everyone to learn at their own pace. The training group has quickly become a safe haven for me that I look forward to every month. As I facilitated my first constellation recently, I am super excited and grateful. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to incorporate family constellations in their practice or daily life. It is a journey well worth taking.”

“I had an amazing experience with Cecilia in the Online Training about Systemic and Family Constellations! Her professionalism together with her big experience on Online Constellations created a safe space for me to explore further this topic. She was very well organised, explicit about everything, communicative, giving lots of knowledge and ideas about how to work online, sharing and being comprehensive. But, on top of that, her generous approach and the respect for the client gave room for a safe exploration on issues and were treated with care. The balance among technical things, theory and therapeutic work makes this online training a great opportunity to attend! I learned a great deal and I strongly recommend it! Thank you so much Cecilia for bringing us all together, from different continents, sharing your valuable experience with us and supporting us all the way through the end.”

“I want to say a big thank to Cecilia. It was my first experience online with constellations, but it was amazing. Cecilia did it very gently, deep, professional and intelligent!”

“My dear Cecilia, I am writing to you in my own language and then google translate has to do the rest .. In two days you have gathered 10 nations under the same roof and now I am back in Copenhagen. An impressive journey across nations has ended for this time and I am full of gratitude. Wonderful, and to see you sitting in your own world exchanging hypotheses and creating questions and sentences. You are a master of sentences. Precise and healing. See you. You are a comet in this world. THANKS!”

“I wholeheartedly recommend Cecilia. With respect for each person’s inner timing she supports you in your processes with great sensitivity and gentleness. She is very professional and very intuitive, you will be in good hands!”
-Anca Florea

“After a month of what seemed to be a struggle And complete disconnection with myself, I came to a workshop. Thank you so much! I could witness and experience a genuine quality of caring from Cecilia. What we experienced during the workshop took me straight beck to my heart and soul. Also there is so much more I want to convey that seem so hard with words. Also my courage and compassion towards others and myself have grown thanks to the work.”
Mia Schmallenbach

“I appreciate Cecilia’s capacity to tap into the strength of keeping the process (seemingly) simple, rational and well-targeted. She has a great sensitivity of adjusting the pace to the client\’s tempo. Thus the client has the time and a well-contained, safe space to experience healing shifts without getting hijacked by, sometimes strong, emotions. Having done with her individual sessions as well as group workshops, I can warmly recommend both.”

“Cecilia Altieri, you are one of the best constellation facilitators and teachers I’ve ever met! You have the ability to tap into the self of the therapist work in profound ways. It is a privilege to know you! You have enhanced my personal growth and journey so deeply… Very grateful. Namaste!!!” ?
Tony Karajanis

“Dear Cecilia, sometimes it is beyond words to describe what has happened during and after the work and processes I have done with you. Even though I have done many processes during the past years. The work with you has moved and created the deepest of changes within me and my system. I have a state of deep gratitude towards you, the work you do and how it has helped me in my life. The very best of recommendations from me and my heart. Love,”

“Had I had the opportunity to be in Monet’s or Modigliani’s studio on a brilliant, sun drenched afternoon watching them paint, I would have witnessed something extraordinary. Such was my experience watching Cecilia paint beautiful life canvases with our training group this weekend. Profound.”
William L. Mannle

“Thank you Cecilia for a fantastic constellations workshop this past weekend. By sharing your clarity, creativity, and wisdom, you created space where magic happened. You are a gifted facilitator and a wonderful woman.”
-J. Edward Lynch

“There is a beauty, and sometimes things still to explore, in old-growth. I am learning that the past, while being a good resource to visit and gather information, is not necessarily a place to linger.
…thank you Cecilia.”
-Tony Karajanis

“What an amazing constellation workshop. Thank you Ed and Bill for bringing Cecilia Altieri here. Cecilia, words can not describe how deep and meaningful this weekend has been for me. I thank you with all that I am. Also thanks to the group, what amazing strong people.”
-Linda Masi Palmieri

“Cecilia is a wonderful therapist, she is gentle and I felt totally safe at the therapy. I had a constellation today and it was extremely powerful experience, I feel something in me has been deeply touched, something has changed and I can be more inside of my body now. That is the best present that anyone could give me,as I had a lot of problems with my health in last 3 years, a lot of chronic pain, extreme tiredness. Now i know how my body feels when it’s completely relaxed and alive again and I hope I can keep that feeling. Thank you Cecilia, a big hug for you!:)”

“Very powerful workshop. Helped me heal my family’s beliefs about money that were sabotaging my relationship with money. To do Family Constellation with Cecilia for me has been a great experience.”

“It’s been my second time at Cecilia’s constellation workshop and it’s been even more powerful than the first. The more I try her method, the clearer I can see within me. Emotional issues on which I’ve always had been in the dark have arisen to my consciousness and now I’m finally able to work on them. I feel so relieved…it’s difficult to describe it with words so I strongly recommend you to try and see by yourselves…Cecilia is a high qualified therapist and her approach is very sensitive and insightful indeed. Thanks for your work and looking forward to the next!!”

“Useful, Intense, Powerful, Enlightening!”
-Frederico Figueiredo

“Back from wonderland… I’d better say “Back to wonderland”. This has been my first time on family constellations workshop and it’s been so a wonderful and magic experience. It has opened up new doors to deal with family and emotional issues… and it’s doing a great job inside of me… Cecilia is an awesome healer… wise, calm, and very very empathetic… so just feel “safe” with her… Already looking forward to join the workshop again.”
-Big Hug from Ursula

“I went to the introduction to constellations and it was pretty amazing. I liked very much the concept and already felt the magic in the small exercise we practiced. Good work Cecilia!”

“Still under the positive effects it had in me the amazing workshop with Bill Mannle and Cecilia Altieri about constellations. Again Thank you!!!! Greetings to everybody in the workshop!!!  Una, Gláucia, Clara, Simon, Leo, Jhana, Susana, Fabiana and Yolanda.”
-Susana Borrallo

“This was my first exposure to Family/Systemic Constellations. I left with a sense that a whole new chapter is about to open up, to help me attain more inner happiness and fulfillment through the course of my life journey. Cecilia is calm and patient with us newbies, I feel she is the sort of professional to help us through our next level of growth.”
-Robert Hasstrup-Timmi

“Fantastic!! Magical!! Full of love and compassion:)”
-Ingrid Contreras

“It was much more than I expected. I learned so much not only by my own constellation but also working together with the others. Got a lot of love and support from like-minded people who I really appreciate and needed so much. Amazing group energy, very high level of unconditional acceptance, help and support, love. Beautiful ppl, so glad to have met them. Really can only talk in superlatives. Cecilia provided a safe environment for all of us to open up and share the most that was necessary for true healing. Really grateful for the experience!”

“I have done constellations with Cecilia for many years. I highly recommend her and wish her workshop all the best.”
Erik Svarer

“Thank you very much for my constellation. It was great to have my constellation set yesterday. I am still overwhelmed and full of positive energy.”
Stefan Dissmer