Frequently Asked Questions SSP (FAQ)

On this page we list frequently asked questions about SSP. This list answers basic questions you might have as a client in SSP therapy. If you can’t find your question in the list below, contact us and we’ll help you further. If you think we should add a question to the list of frequently asked questions about SSP, we’re happy to hear your suggestion.

Do I need to do SSP every day continuously?

Together we create a program that adapts to your needs.

Do I need to do SSP every day at the same time?

No. You can follow the rhythm of your day. Even if this means listening some minutes in the morning, and a few more minutes in the evening. When you follow SSP with us, we adapt the program to your schedule.

Can I use ear buds instead of head phones SSP?

No. The protocol is designed specifically to be used with over-ear headphones. This reduces sound distractions and impacts how we hear the music.

Can I change the volume during the SSP session?

No. At the start of the session, there will be a volume test. Put the volume at the lowest comfortable level. This means it should be high enough so you do not have to strain your hearing, but low enough not to be overwhelming. The volume will shift throughout the session and it is normal you might feel challenged to listen. If this is the case, don’t change the volume. Over the course of the protocol, listening can become easier.

What can I do while I listen to the SSP music?

You have to actively listen to the music. You can combine listening with quiet activities such as making drawings, playing cards, making a puzzle, knitting, … As long as the activity does not distract you from the music, or makes you tune out, it should be ok. For this reason, reading is discouraged, as it might take up all of your attention. If in doubt, ask us.

Can I look at a screen during the SSP session?

No. Often, applications are designed to take up all of our attention. The protocol works best if we actively listen, without being distracted by our modern-day technology.

Can I eat something during the SSP session?

No. Avoid eating anything, especially crunchy foods that can block out the sound.

I fell asleep during the SSP session, what now?

Don’t worry, as our body relaxes and we let go of stress and anxiety, we might fall asleep. If this happens, just repeat the same session the next day.

Is this covered by any health insurance?

No. This is not covered by any health insurance, currently.


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