Frequently Asked Questions Focus System (FAQ)

On this page we list frequently asked questions about Focus Systems. This list answers basic questions you might have as a client following Focus System. If you can’t find your question in the list below, contact us and we’ll help you further. If you think we should add a question to the list of frequently asked questions about Focus System, we’re happy to hear your suggestion.

Are gains temporary or permanent?

Most people who complete a program do not need to repeat it to maintain their gains. However, depending on your situation you might benefit from doing more than one program.

What age is appropriate for Focus Systems?

Clients have been between 22 months and 80 years old. Age is no limit when it comes to Focus System.

How often do I have to do the sessions?

We advise 4 hours a week at minimum. You can set your own pace. To avoid fatigue, we do not advise you overexert yourself.

Can I take a break in my program?

Yes. Depending on how long your break is for, we will discuss together how to proceed after start up. You might have to repeat a certain number of sessions.

Is this covered by any health insurance?

No. This is not covered by a health insurance, currently.

Can I make up my own activities?

You are encouraged to adapt the activities to your liking. If you are working with your child, you can add whatever to make it more fun.

Can I use a screen during the session?

No. Often, applications are designed to take up all of our attention. The program works best if we listen attentively, without being distracted by our modern-day technology.

What is the right volume?

The volume is right when you can still hear someone talking to you, while you’re wearing headphones.

What can I not do during the session?

Chewing gum or eating crunchy food – this might interfere with the sound from the headphones. Also, office work, homework, or other mental activity is not advised. Playing video games or watching TV is also not advised. Jogging or other strenuous exercises are also not good activities during the session.


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