Advanced Family Constellations Training

Are you already a facilitator, and looking for a place to deepen your knowledge? Then this training might be exactly what you need! The advanced training in family constellations is custom-made for those who have already done one or several family constellation trainings. This means you should have at least a basis in FC to start from. In case you’re a beginner, check out this training instead.

What can you expect from the Advanced Family Constellations Training?

Theory, Practice and Supervision


We set ourselves apart by offering a rich variety of learning methods. For example, often trainings in family constellations offer years of learning only through witnessing family constellations. In contrast. during this training, we offer a more hands-on approach.

As a result, training weekends usually exist of 1/3 theory, 1/3 exercises and 1/3 family constellations. So, as the training progresses, you will get the opportunity to be in the driver’s seat. If you want, you can do constellations under supervision from the start. Either with a co-therapist or on your own, you’ll always have the group supporting you.

Feedback and Guidance

Throughout the training, you will get the chance to receive group feedback. Both self-reflection and group feedback help you improve your skills. Also, while you practice you’ll have expert guidance by your side at all times. We aim to empower our students to be better facilitators. The goal is to help you further unfold your potential as a facilitator.

You’re invited to join workshops

As part of the training, you are invited to join the open workshops in Brussels and online, without extra charge. As a result, you can gather more experience in the field. We also provide supervision for trainees after morning workshops for a small fee. 

Six unique Modules

Check into this webpage at a later time or give us a call for more info. We are currently working on the curriculum and the program. Currently, we are planning to have 12 modules. For example we will look at inner family systems, structural constellations, money & success and other topics.

Who facilitates the advanced family constellations training?

Training in Family Constellations

Meet your Facilitator: Cecilia Altieri

Cecilia Altieri has a background in psychology, medicine and coaching. In addition, she trained in systemic therapy, family and systemic constellations, client-centred therapy and trauma therapy. Moreover, she trained under a wide range of teachers spanning the globe. She trains people in the Americas and Europe and her workshops attract an international audience. Furthermore, Cecilia currently runs a successful practice in Belgium and online. If you’d like to read more about Cecilia’s background, then here’s her bio. Also, in case you want to see her in action, book a place in an upcoming workshop online or in Brussels. As the director of the training, she has compiled the curriculum and she will take the lead in the training.

We Come Recommended 🙂

Had I had the opportunity to be in Monet’s or Modigliani’s studio on a brilliant, sun drenched afternoon watching them paint, I would have witnessed something extraordinary. Such was my experience watching Cecilia paint beautiful life canvases with our training group this weekend. Profound.

William L. Mannle

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Practicalities Advanced Training in Family Constellations


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